Northeast Georgia Vida Nueva


The dates for upcoming Northeast Georgia Vida Nueva weekends are:

Northeast Georgia Young Men's #2
Erik Chambers - Director
October 19, 2018

Please note - Young Men's weekend is first this time

Northeast Georgia Young Women's #2
Becki Fields - Director
October 26, 2018

Send-Off - Friday at 5:30 pm

 Serenade - Saturday at 6:30 pm

Closing - Sunday at 4:30 pm

All functions are at the Legacy Retreat Center in Homer, Ga.


Young Men's #2


Erik Chambers

Youth Director
Patrick DeBary



Young Women's #2

Becki Fields

Youth Director
Natalie Uribe


"You Are Not Alone"

"I will not forget you!  See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands!"

Isaiah 49:15-16

Head Cha
Sherly Harvey

Youth Head Cha
Jessica James

Backup Director
Cay Davis

Tracy Halaby

Alyssa Cruce, Head
Maddie Eads
Jhosein Contreras
Megan Sosebee

Spiritual Directors
Richard Curran, Head
Cheryl Vanderpool
Susy Burchfield

Council Rep.
Tiffani Scheel

Speakers/Table Leaders
Janelle James, Ideals
Hannah Purdum, Prodigal Daughter
Jessica Harley, Christian Life
Jenna Haygood, Communication
Elizabeth Curran, Christian Growth
Kristie & Scott Fields, Marriage
Patricia Cole, Single Life
Kayla Smith, Christianity In Action
Natalie Uribe, Beyond VN
Christy Scaggs, Silent
Brandy Kirkland, Silent
Paulette Waters, Silent
Erica Velesquez, Silent

Grace Waters, Risen Christ
Corrinn Self, Confidence In Christ

Table Chas
CaTina Warren, Head
Anna Brackett
Guin Cosby
Edessia Leslie
Maggie Reece
Abbey Vaughn
Jada Warren

Storeroom Chas
Angie Stocker, Head
Toni Matthey
Jordan Moore
Taylor VerBerkmoes

Chapel Chas
Karen Eller, Head
Lydia Buice, Youth Head
Jane Brumley
Meg Chastain
Sara Neeley
Brooke Smith

Gopher Chas
Lisa Love, Head
Kat Cunningham
Judi McIntyre
Piper Roberts

Palanca Chas
Denise Wheatley, Head
Kara Thacker, Youth Head
Amber Barrett
Kylee Dale
Allison Eller
Keely Vaughn
Janet Thacker

Prayer Chas
Lisa Davis, Head
Jill Bartoldus
Stephanie Glander
Josette James
Jean Whitehurst
Hannah Scheel

Tech Chas
Beth Sexton, Head
Marie Ezell

Dorm Chas
Ellen Atkinson, Head
Isabella Quarles, Youth Head
Lauren Anderson
Tiffany Chambers
Brandy Dobbins
Jenny Edwards
Emily Hunt
Amyah Jackson
Kaye Patterson
Alondra Ponce
Mollie Sayer
Essence Vassell
Grace Waters
Sammy Wood
Krystal Youngblood

Kitchen Chas
Julie & Bobby Purdum, Head
Maria & Fernando Uribe, Assistant Head
Bethany Scheel, Youth Head
Jailene Alvarez
Marika Abtwine
Brian Bell
Leslie Bell
Sarah Bell
Gail Bernath
Alma Contreras
Kimberly Eller
Abbie Ferguson
Anson Fields
Scott Fields
Anna Goeliner
Meg Gorman
Hunter Kirkland
Keith Kirkland
Kyrstal Kirkland
Corrinn Self
Paige Wiley


Head Kitchen
Julie and Bobby Purdum






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