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The dates for upcoming Northeast Georgia Vida Nueva weekends are:

Northeast Georgia Young Women's #1
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Cay Davis - Director
Ansley Key - Youth Director
March 16-18, 2018

  Northeast Georgia Young Men's #1
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Scott Halaby - Director
Timothy Fields - Youth Director
March 23-25, 2018


Northeast Georgia Young Women's #2
Becki Fields - Director
October 19, 2018

Northeast Georgia Young Men's #2
Erik Chambers - Director
October 26, 2018


Send-Off - Friday at 5:30 pm

 Serenade - Saturday at 6:30 pm

Closing - Sunday at 4:30 pm

All functions are at the Legacy Retreat Center in Homer, Ga.


Young Women's #1

"Warrior Daughter of the King" 

"You will be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord"
Isaiah 62:3

Cay Davis

Youth Director
Ansley Key

Head Cha
Leah Lee
Caley Motes

Backup Director
Tracy Halaby

Becki Fields

Spiritual Directors
Cheryl Vanderpool, Head
Jason Pritchett
Kathy Ruiz

Kia Morgan, Head
Michaela Priatko
Allison Eller


Speakers/Table Leaders
Sarah Klinect - Ideals
Maddie Mobley - Prodigal Daughter
Jessica James - Christian Life
Sherly Harvey - Communication
Lydia Buice - Christian Growth
Cay & Alan Davis - Marriage
Journey Rutherford - Single Life
Hannah Lee - Christianity In Action
Ansley Key - Beyond VN
Heather Bragg - Silent
Gail Bernathe - Silent
Emily Hunt - Silent


Michaela Priatko - Risen Christ
 Elizabeth Curran - Confidence In Christ

Table Chas
Emilie Pritchett - Head
Hannah Purdum
Janelle James
Jane Brumley
Kimberly Eller
Keely Vaughn

Gopher Chas
Paulette Waters - Head
Bethany Schell
Toni Matthey
Haley Hufstetler

Chapel Chas
Lisa Davis - Head
Jenna Haygood - Youth Head
Krystal Kirkland
Grace Waters
Stephanie Glander

 Sharon Hawn - Head
Julie Purdum
Hannah Chambers
Bunny Hunt

 Karen Kimsey - Head
Anna Brackett - Youth Head
Denise Wheatley
Sarah Robertson
Jada Warren

Patricia Cole - Head
Natalie Uribe - Youth Head
Catina Warren
Jhoselin Contreras
Hannah Scheel
Jessica Harley
Maria Uribe
Beth Hurdle
Brooke Smith
Maggie Reece


Tech Cha
Sharon DeBary - Head
Kristen Barfield

Brandy & Keith Kirkland - Head
Tiffany Scheel - Asst. Head
Kara Thacker - Youth Head
Doug Birchfield
Mary Harris
Charles Foster
Kim Foster
Alan Davis
Michael Lee
Scott Halaby
Elizabeth Curran
Emily Kerr
Piper Roberts
Isabella Gaunce
Emily Addison
Jill Bartoldus
Kellan Monroe

Susie Burchfield - Head
Karen Eller
Shelly Smallwood
Glynda Lundquist
Jean Whitehurst
Carol Holmes


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Young Men's #1



"being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus"
Philippians 1:6

Scott Halaby

Youth Director
Timothy Fields

Head Cha
Michael Lee
Anson Fields

Youth Head Cha
Fernando Uribe, Jr.

Backup Director
Alan Davis

Erik Chambers

Spiritual Directors
Phillip Markert - Head
Bob Bartoldus
Ben Paschal

Speakers/Table Leaders
Carter Markert - Ideals
Vic Player - Prodigal Son
Joshua Waithe - Christian Life
Fernando Uribe, Sr. - Communication
Caleb Jaqua - Christian Growth
Tracy & Scott Halaby - Marriage
Ben Johnston - Single Life
Patrick DeBary - Christianity In Action
Timothy Fields - Beyond VN
Aaron Klinect - Silent
Christian Funkhouser - Silent

 - Risen Christ
Jonathan Lee - Confidence In Christ

Bernie McClure - Head
Josh Smith
Paul Hunt
Anthony Rivera
Kenneth Snipes
Marc Glander

Table Chas
Josh Quinn - Head
Josh Lawhead
Blake Noblitt
Will Siple
Jenson Hess
Jeremiah Miller

Bill Shoemaker - Head

Everett Holmes

Scott Fields - Head

Chris Knight -  Head
Stephen Fields
Elijah Pritchett
Richard Bernath
Angel Agosto


Keith Kirkland - Head
Cody Kirkland

David Moyer- Head
 Chase Knight - Youth Head
Hans HwangBo
Jonah Fields

Bobby Purdum - Head
Hunter Kirkland
Tim Smallwood
Clark Henson
Emmanuel Agosto
Walt Monroe
Kris Harvey

Lester & Beth Miller - Head
Christina Robeson - Asst. Head
Alan Hunt
Cay Davis
Leah Lee
Tracy Halaby
Brandy Kirkland
Joseph Boone
Chase Brown
Jim Cunningham
Jonathan Lee
Brian DeBary
Mike Wheatley
Mark Sherman
Darry Hawn
Ed Jackson
Kathy Jackson

Patrick Shurtleff - Head
Don Stewart
Gary Wright
Randy Eller
James Maynard

Tech Cha
Jason Brown

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